New old replacement stock rod bearings for 1932-38 Ford, excellent condition. Takes 4 bearings per motor. These are standard rod bore size and .020 undersize for the crank. I also have some of these for rods that have been resized to .004 under and .020 on the crank. $55 each $220 per motor set.
NOS 1949-50 Mercury gas pedal in excellent condition. I can email a photo if you send me your email address. $25
nice complete frame with all brackets from low mileage victoria $495, rear bumper hangers $55/pr., steering column $125, rear window frame $35
Original 1930-31 metal header panels: Coupe has some pitting and a small torn out spot where the wiper motor mounts $20 Tudor, pickup and truck excellent, no rustout or extra holes, just old paint and surface rust $65 good, no rust out or extra holes, has pitting but good solid piece $35 I can email photos if you send me your email address.
I filled the cracks and sanded then painted.To be better it should be sanded and painted again wheel is $275 plus $100 for new horn button
1928/29 and 1930/31 original seamed gaslines from shutoff to firewall $20 ea., 1928-29 coupe and sedan windshield garnish mouldings $35/pair, 1928-29 rumble seat lid and 1928-1931 trunk lid original latches $20 ea., 1928-29 original headlight bezel $10, distributor $20, 1929-1931 original windshield swing arms $5 ea., late 1929-31 valve chamber covers $12 ea., oil tubes for same $5-$15 ea., sho...
I have two of these new original style 1939 ford switches in mint condition. $25 each. The currently available ones are not correct.
For the fellow looking for these and associated parts I have all of them but you cannot receive email thru this site for some reason. Contact me at
new door glass for split beetles correct thickness and SEKURIT logo two pieces for both doors new no scratches clear glass no tint
Very good original swing arms. Driver quality original plating. $5 each
I have a set of bumper guard brackets. They are for a beetle but told they will also work for a late bay bumper as well. I have not tested them on a late bay to be sure but will try to. Asking $45. These have never been used & in excellent condition. Buyer is responsible for any paypal fees & shipping
Used original hubcaps for 1936 and 1937 Ford. All have multliple small dents. Price varies with condition. $10-$20 each
Brand new 4l65-E with 2000 stall. Brand new 4l65E with 2000 stall 3 year unlimited mile warranty good for 500 hp do not need core but you need your tail shaft and bell housing... was for my 01 decided to 4l80 swap after getting one for free so trying to sell this now. Brand new. ALTOONA, PA 16602 (814) 502-5049
Model A generator cores for rebuilding, pulleys are not included. $12 each