Computer Accessories for Sale in Altoona, PA

HP printer, $10, .
Computer, monitor, & printer. Windows ME. Good beginner word processor. Set of speakers (additional 25.00), $150.00 OBO 814-839-2378 .
RARE Photo History of Microelectronics, 1947-'83 w/ Foreword by Ray Bradbury Bell Labs' first Transistor Kilby's first IC Intel 1103, 4004, 8008, 1702, & 8080 Fairchild Micrologic, uA702 & uA709 The first 256-bit, 1K, 16K, 64K, & 256K RAM Chips The MOS 6502, Zilog Z80, AMD 2901 & Motorola 68000 GaAs Josephson Junctions This fascinating pictographic compilation chronicles the entire history of m...
UP FOR SALE IS Vintage Bearcat BC- 5 Scanner
DIY 4 feet x 8 feet x 6 CNC Router. Built from Machine Tool Camp Enginering plans package in 2005. 80/20 Extruded T-slot aluminum frame. Linear rails and bearings. Rack and pinion on X and Y axis. Lead screw on Z axis. Nema 34 stepper motors for X and Y axis. Nema 23 stepper motor for Z axis. Gecko stepper drivers. three HP Milwaukee varible speed router.Grizzly dust collector system. Computer,...
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